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your letterbox every 8 weeks

£3.89 per brush and free delivery


your snazzy new toothbrush colour and we'll deliver new brushes every 8 weeks from just £3.89.


your toothbrush like the eco-warrior you were born to be and make David Attenborough proud


your plan at any time. Just ping us an email and we'll end your plan straight away. No nonsense. 

Help save the planet

3.6 billion plastic toothbrushes a
re thrown away in the world every yearEach and every one of them still remains on this planet.

We are on a mission to change this.

Why Bamboo?

Fastest growing plant on the planet

Major oxygen producer

Absorbs more CO2 than other plants

Renewable resource​

Compostable and biodegradable


Teach your little ones not only how to brush their teeth but also how to save our turtles and the planet. Each little toothbrush has a sea creature on it that has been affected by plastic in our oceans.

Our children can save the planet - if we teach them how.

On the gram


Absolutely fantastic. I bought one each for the family and everyone was happy! Great quality and style. Bristles are soft on your gums but hard on dirt, my teeth have never felt cleaner. Hopefully I won't need a toothbrush for a while but when I do I'll be getting another one of these. Thank you!

12 June 20


Brilliant toothbrushes!
Great service!
Highly recommend!


11 June 20