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We started Bamboo Club to make a dent in the plastic crisis


A plastic toothbrush takes over 400

years to decompose. A bamboo toothbrush takes just 4 months. 

We believe that sustainable switches should be both simple and affordable and that everyone can do their bit.


 Our brushes have been designed using the highest quality products and our packaging is 100% recylable.

We have made it easy for you to make a little change which will make a big difference.


We make toothbrushes for both adults and children. 

Bamboo Club is a toothbrush subscriptions service for you and your family. Our toothbrushes are high quality at an affordable price. We deliver them through your letterbox every 8 weeks.


We have 6 adult colours and 4 children's colours to choose from. 


Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 23.20.22.png
bambino 22.jpg


Teach your little ones not only how to brush their teeth but also how to save our turtles and the planet. Each little toothbrush has a sea creature engraved on it that has been affected by plastic in our oceans.


Our children can save our planet - if we teach them how.



Every plastic toothbrush ever owned is still somewhere on our planet. 

By switching to a bamboo toothbrush you are making a big change.

By switching your full family to a bamboo toothbrush or telling your friends to switch you are making a bigger change.

By sharing on your Instagram we can all make a gigantic change.

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